Your phone

Own a smartphone, or a feature phone with internet access?

Congrats, your phone’s location is tracked via GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or iBeacon, and just about everything else is logged via either native apps or the carrier (this last one goes for the non-internet phones too, by the way).1

Location services

Did you read the fine print when first booting up and installing your device?

No? Okay, you just clicked “yes” on everything. Then you’re probably highly visible on Googles location they’re logging everyone who’s accidentally opted in to the service.2

So, turn off location services, GPS and WiFi when you don’t need it.


For instance, the Facebook app currently requires access to your SMS texts, phone records and phone book, as well as what other apps you’re running (and, of course a bunch more).3

So, take a look at the app permissions before you accept and install, even if it’s a super-handy vuvuzela app.


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