The shopping mall

A nifty little thing when you’re out shopping would be getting offers straight to your pocket about stuff you like that are on sale, wouldn’t it?

Well, that future’s not far away as shopping centers are starting to collect data about wi-fi enabled devices and tracking customer patterns. 1 Correlate those patterns with the cashier receipt and they’ve got a handy little database of the device owner’s (that’s you) market interest prepared for when the device is back and (with the right app) ready to receive. Tracking could also be used to change the prices on the electronic tags on the shelves to give a better deal to valued customers nearby, much like the coupons we get in the mail today.

Of course, this also means you could get blocked out – only offered overpriced low grade products because your buying pattern indicates you’re in a low-income segment that’s not the mall’s target audience.


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