This site is for tracking the trackers – seeing who watches me browse different sites and trying to figure out what info they’re collecting about me.
The trackers are being continuously added to their own subpages here and are will be tagged with the sites they’ve appeared on.

Nota bene + things I’ve noticed:

  • This is in no way a complete list of all the trackers watching me, but more will be added continuously.
  • This far, I haven’t visited one major site that didn’t have tracking. what the Hell, peeps?
  • Some sites’ trackers doesn’t seem to show up with the tool I use, and as of yet I don’t know if it’s limitations in the tool or if the trackers are implemented in more of a “stealth” mode.
  • Many sites have different amount of trackers for different subpages, so even if the main site only shows one or two trackers, an article may easily have a double digit number of trackers implemented.

For things I might not haven’t made an update about on this site, please see my twitter posts marked .

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